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Trips and Visits

News from Gordon Brown September 2017

Day 1:

Adriana 6T

Dear Diary,

What a day I have had. When I woke up I was as bouncy a kangaroo because I was full of joy as it was finally the day! I got dressed, had breakfast and set off on my way to school. When I arrived I was sad because I had to leave some of my friends.

Then we got on the coach I was like a firework. I was exploding. Lorita and I were talking about what we wanted to do first. It took us about one hour and a half to get there. When we arrived the suspension rose.

We got into our rooms, we made our beds and had lunch. For lunch we had burgers with chips and for dessert we had chocolate cornflake bites. We tidied the tables and went outside for Orienteering. When we started it was a bit hard but we eventually got a bit better but unfortunately we didn’t win. Filip, Ali Shah and Leon won. After Orienteering we played Hide and seek in our room and it was so fun. After that we had dinner and we had pasta and fruit.

Michael 6B

This morning I woke up exhilarated as I was going somewhere amazing. I had my huge suitcase ready. When I got in the car a shiver of excitement went down my spine.  I couldn’t believe I was going to the Gordon Brown Centre. When we arrived we instantly unpacked everything.  I got my bedsheet and put it on the mattress, because I couldn’t be bothered to do it later.

We instantly went for a walk around the grounds and we saw a tree that had survived a lightning strike and was 130 years old. There are a few name for the tree: Larry, Lightning Larry (because he got struck), Lonely Larry (because there aren’t any other these next to it.

We saw and touched a few animals today. We fed donkeys, goats, pigs and chicken. After that we did orienteering and we came in third place, but we did well. The best bit of the time was the free time when we played football. I’m already looking forward for tomorrow!‚Äč