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The Big Question

 This week we have been discussing photographs.

What do you think of when you see this photo?

Who do you think the child is?

What is she doing? Why?

Should it be illegal for children to work?

You might assume that children being able to work should be illegal, but have you thought about it clearly? Children in the UK and abroad work to earn money. Some may be for their wants, some for their needs. I will now present reasons for both for and against.

Many people say that children being able to work should be illegal, due to the fact that they do heavy lifting and get paid little amounts. Furthermore, children need to spend time with family and friends. Although some children are orphans, this still means that they have to have some time to relax. On the other hand, a large majority of people have argued that children being able to work should not be illegal, due to the fact that it helps children learn the value of money and not take money for granted. Some claim that children are not physically or emotionally strong enough to work. Even though we allow children to work in the UK, they work for a limited amount of time. On Sundays they are only allowed to work up to five hours. On Saturday and the rest of the week it is up to a maximum of two hours.

Most children would argue that it would be extraordinary to get out of school and have a job, but they do not know how hard their parents toil. If they have a job they will be very sympathetic towards their parents, and respect them more. Many people suggest that it should not be illegal, and that children should be free to choose how they spend their free time.

Having considered the arguments for both for and against, I personally believe that children should be allowed to work. So they can respect and understand the value of money and not take it for granted. However, some children, even after they toil, they will still take money for granted, and not respect it as much as others will.

Do you think children should be able to be employed? Do you think that children should not have an education and just have a job? Many people said they  should, many did not concur What do you think?

By Danial 6M

Should it be illegal for children to work?

Across the globe children working is an issue. Most countries have no law about children working, but in the UK there is. Should it be illegal for children to work? In the paragraphs below there are reasons ‘for’ and ‘against’ children working.

Most people believe children should not be able to work because they can be abused by their managers, (they can be paid less than we are supposed to be.) For example a 16 year old girl was paid £2 per hour and someone else who did the same job was paid £6. Children should enjoy their childhood whilst they have it, they should not be working. They should be going out with friends. Who would not like to spend time with their family? Children deserve an education; they deserve to learn new things every day. Education is a very important thing in a child’s life. If we don’t have an education then the next generation will not have a clue about what education is. All they will know to do is work.

On the other hand, some people think that children should be able to work because we learn how to save our money. When we work we earn money and as we earn the money, we learn how to spend and save our money wisely. We also learn how to work with other people. Imagine someone who was angry entered the store you do not shout at them you are under control because you have work experience. Another reason is we can gain confidence in ourselves, we become more social.

To conclude this controversial topic I strongly believe that it should be illegal for children to work. On the other hand it depends on the age and the job that they do.

Faith Lilly Benjamin