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Science Days and Weeks

Healthy eating week (Monday 1st June - Friday 5th June 2015)

Why is healthy eating so important?

What will happen if we don't eat healthy foods?

What types of food do we need to eat?

What types of food should we avoid?

These are just some of the questions we will be answering during healthy eating week. 

Start thinking about what you eat every day:

Is it healthy?

If not, is there something you could eat instead?

Earth Day (Wednesday 22nd April 2015)

During Earth Day, the children were all busy thinking of ways to protect our planet. Some were protecting our animals by making bird feeders and minibeast hotels, some were growing plants and looking after our green areas, and others were making posters and news reports to raise awareness about global issues.

Science Week (Monday 16th March - Friday 20th March 2015)

Whole school science challenge: Build a car which travels the furthest distance

All children from Nursery to Year 6 took part in this challenge during the week. The children worked well in groups to use their problem solving and pattern seeking skills.

Parent and child science challenge: Build a marble run which lasts the longest amount of time

Parents and children brought in their marble runs and we tested them in the school hall. The children worked with their parents to use their problem solving skills and knowledge of scientific concepts. Some of the questions they had to think about were:

-What are the best materials to use?

-How will friction affect the speed of the marble?

-How will the incline of the slope affect the speed marble?

Science sleepover at the Science Museum

The children carried out many activities during the evening such as making their own news videos about a piece of technology and making a morse code key. They also watched an entertaining show about forces and motion. The next day, they had the opportunity to watch a fascinating 3D film about how technology is used and explored the science activity rooms.

Science museum workshops at our school

The Science Museum came to Chalkhill Primary School to do some workshops and shows. The Year 6 classes took part in a workshop about hot air balloons in which they got to make and test their own hot air balloons. Key stage two watched a show about forces and motion. Early years and Key stage one watched a show about light and dark. The children got a chance to see science in action and apply their science learning.