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To promote the status of Personal, Social and Health Education within the school so that children become successful, confident and responsible citizens.

Our school follows the Brent Scheme of Work for PSHE education, though teachers to be free to address the topics most relevant for their pupils, drawing on good practice and advice from professional organisations.

Year 3 have focussed on ‘Friendship’

The children had to think about ‘What makes a good friend?’

They wrote their thoughts on a scale for the rainbow fish.

During Road Safety week, the children learn about how to stay safe on the roads.

Children learnt about the importance of:

  • Wearing seatbelts and sitting in child seats
  • Holding hands with an adult
  • Finding a safe place to cross
  • The Green Cross Code
  • Avoid playing beside the road 
  • Safety on school trips
  • showing respect to others (e.g. members of staff on public transport and other passengers)
  • Awareness of possible dangers and personal safety (e.g. listening to music on the road and looking after their belongings – wallets, mobile phones, bags etc)
  • Active travel choices (such as cycling, walking)
  • Dressing brightly to be seen when it is dark

Healthy Schools London Bronze Award

In March 2014, we achieved a Healthy School London Bronze award.