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Geography Night/Week

The Geography sleepover took place on 6th February 2015. 30 children were lucky enough to stay the night in the school hall! Lots of exciting geography activities took place, not forgetting the exciting scavenger hunt and then we ended the evening watching a movie snuggled in our sleeping bags. The different activities included:

  • The children cooked their own around the world food.
  • Clay pottery
  • Samba band
  • Gaelic football
  • Scavenger hunt

Here are the pictures of this year’s sleepover.

In the Early Years, we invited parents to come and support their children to make their “own place.” Different materials were provided and the children took the lead to pick out what they wanted and they designed their own den. Once the den was up, parents spent time reading with their children. Children were very engaged and they were so excited to show their teachers and friends their own special place.

On 22nd April 2015, children at Chalkhill Primary School, celebrated Earth Day. The children were all making their own pledges about what they could do to help save our planet. Throughout the day activities were also set up for the children to engage in and to learn about the importance of looking after our environment.

Examples included:

  • Parents and children from EYFS joined in to help weed the garden and to plant some new plants.
  • EYFS children made bird feeders to try and attract more wildlife into the area.
  • Years 1 and 2 worked together to make their own garden around the front of the school. They worked very hard to weed the area, and made two beds where they plants fruits and vegetables.
  • Years 3 and 4 made posters raising awareness of a global issue and discussed what they could do to help.
  • Years 5 and 6 made a short film presentation.