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We appreciate that all families will be challenged by a range of different circumstances at present, with everyone’s situations being unique. However, using some of the ‘Home Learning’ questions we have already received over the last few days, we have developed some responses below which we hope will prove helpful to many families.

Q: My child does not have login for Purple Mash/Seesaw/Bug Club/ TT Rockstars– what can I do?
A: Please request for it from your child's teacher via ClassDojo or through the email address provided on the Home Learning page.

Q: My child does have login for Seesaw/Bug Club but it does not work– what can I do?
A: Please request for the Seesaw login code from your child's teacher via ClassDojo or through the email address provided on the Home Learning page. The password for Bug Club is case sensitive so please ensure it is entered correctly.

Q: Will work be set regularly and will it be daily?
A: We are constantly assessing the home schooling situation as we gain a greater understanding of the challenges ‘home learning’ is presenting to our Chalkhill families.

Starting from 20th April (week 1 of summer term),  we will be uploading home learning packs under each year group and on Seesaw, weekly from Classroom Secrets.This will be in addition to the weekly quizzes and short tasks assigned on Purple Mash and Spanish work on Seesaw.

Classroom Secrets have officially partnered with BBC Bitesize Daily lessons and created a timetable with a ton of free content that aligns with the BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons timetable. This will give a  more structured approach.

Q: Does my child have to do it?
A: The challenges set on Purple Mash, Seesaw and Bug Club are highly recommended. Year group teachers are designing specific work, projects and tasks that cover important areas of the curriculum, and are trying their best to ensure they are accessible to all children.

Q: What do I do when they my child says it doesn’t matter or refuse to do it?
A: All families are experiencing life differently at the moment. A discussion and reminder about maintaining a positive attitude and what a Growth Mindset means could help. Getting them involved in sharing work and ideas either on Seesaw with their class, or through calls with family or friends, might also help motivate them.

Q: There are too many of us trying to access the computer at once – how can we keep up?
A: A structured family timetable is probably the best answer. We are trying to limit the time that tasks take up online. A quick screenshot of instructions can free up the main device for others. By ensuring flexibility in the completion of tasks, we hope to avoid arguments over school work. However, we do appreciate it may be difficult.

Q: My child finds that the work is too easy and they get bored quickly – what can I do?
A: Tasks are currently open to all the different learners in each class. If your child completes them quickly and wants further challenges, then consider how they could take it further, e.g. a maths quiz was easy so ask them to choose which five questions classmates would find the hardest and design a help guide. They read their book quickly – write an alternative ending, share a review online, turn a chapter into a story board for a film version, act out a scene with toys. The home learning page is full of links to various websites to explore.

Q: My child finds that the work is too hard and we can’t help – what can I do?
A: Tasks are currently open to all the different learners in each class. If your child finds a task too challenging or isn’t sure of what they are meant to do, then have a go with them if you have time. Maybe make a note of what they found a challenge.

Q: What are the crucial subjects to keep on top of?
A: Reading, writing and maths based tasks will naturally be set more regularly. We will work to ensure that as many areas of the curriculum are visited over the next few weeks of home learning.

Q: Will not doing much work matter in the long run?
A: We don’t know the duration of the school closure period but the tasks available will be best, both in the short and longer term. Keeping your child actively engaged with the learning will help prepare them for returning to school.

Q: Is it all on line – I thought too much screen time was an issue?
A: Purple Mash and Seesaw are our main way of keeping in contact with all our learners. However, we are keen that children learn away from the screen and will be suggesting many tasks that cut down the time needed at the computer.

Q: Will there be any feedback, marking or assessment of the work?
A: Teachers are able to respond to documents/files that children upload in response to certain ‘Tasks’ . There will be no formal marking or assessment of home learning work – just next steps, encouragement and praise.

Q: Will they repeat the missed learning this term/year at the start of next term/year?
A: Since we don’t know how long the school closure period will last, we can’t make any guarantees over how missed topics will be covered. However, we will work hard to ensure all learners catch up and plug any gaps once school resumes.

Q: I can’t juggle working from home and childcare and teaching – what has to give?
A: Very few people are used to home learning and it is very different to class teaching. You are not ‘failing’ and are doing your best. Talk to someone about the pressures, ask for help and share the struggles – you are not the only one although it may feel like it.