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Examples of work

LO: I can solve puzzles and problems

Today, we took part in a Maths problem solving workshop. We worked in groups to complete a variety of fun Maths challenges.

Challenge 1: We had to move the blocks from one pole to the end pole, completing a levelled ‘cake’. We could only move 1 block at a time and we were not allowed to place a larger block onto of a smaller block. We were able to use the middle pole and were only allowed to move one block at a time. The challenge was to complete it in the least amount of moves.

Challenge 2: We had numbers 1-6 and had to place them in individual circles within a triangle. Each line, both diagonal and horizontal, had to add up to 10. We also tried to total 11 and 12.

Challenge 3: This was the most challenging! We had to create a flower petal using hexagonal shapes with coloured spots. Each colour on the side of the petal needed to match up with another one. Only two groups completed the challenge, although most groups managed to almost complete it, with only 1 hexagon not matching.

Year 2 Maths