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    Road Safety

    Now that lockdown is easing there are more people out and about and traffic is starting to build up again.  
    Emptier roads can see cars going at dangerous speeds, when you are out walking social distancing may mean having to step off the pavement, families out on bikes may need more practice. 

    How do we adjust and make sure children are safe around roads?  
    The Child Accident Prevention Trust has shared the simple rules families can follow, so everyone      stays safe and parents are winning when it comes to teaching their children about safety when out and about Road safety: new normal, old rules 
    As traffic starts to build up again now lockdown is easing, how do we keep children safe around roads?   
    Here we share the simple rules families can follow: Pedestrians 
     Show young children you’re serious about them holding your hand near the road.  It’s helpful to set a good example before you step off the pavement. Cycling  The simplest way to protect children (and yourself) is to wear a helmet every time, even if it’s a quick cycle around the block or down to the park. Driving 
     It is so worth slowing down in built-up areas or where you seeing children playing – it only takes a moment to take a life. In cars  Remember to use the right child car seat or booster seat for your child’s weight and height. 
    More safety tips 
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