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    NEW safeguarding Guidance from the government

    On Wednesday 20th May 2020 the government published an update to its safeguarding guidance as it plans for more children to be in school.  This is interim safeguarding guidance, it is under review and will be updated on 1st June 2020. As always, Keeping children safe is our number one priority and all safeguarding guidance and procedures are reviewed and updated as necessary. 

    What schools have to do Ensure that   Our safeguarding policy is reviewed where needed as more children come into school  All risk assessments link together Safeguarding and Health and Safety  We do all we 'reasonably' can to ensure children at home are safe online Phased Return  As more children are expected back at school from June 1st we have made sure that all safeguarding procedures continue to be implemented.  We have carried out risk assessments for wider opening, linking the Health & Safety policy with the Safeguarding policy.  All our safeguarding principles remain the same ( these can be found in our Safeguarding Policy on the school’s website) Child protection policy The best interests of children must always come first. We continue to:   Follow updated advice from our local safeguarding partnership and the local authority and to work in partnership with social workers  Remind staff about using the reporting and recording systems in place  Work with parents and carers so that we are aware of any changes regarding welfare, health and wellbeing of the child . Designated safeguarding leads (DSLs)  There is always one on site, or available by phone (Mrs Campbell or Ms Anthony)  Staff are aware of this  Support has been given to children who are not in school.   Keep up to date with safeguarding developments Vulnerable Children and Attendance  School has remained open for children with and EHCP, have a social worker or who are assessed as being vulnerable by the school. The numbers have risen and currently between 17 and 21 children attend daily.  Weekly attendance is reported to the Department for Education  Risk assessments for children with an EHCP have been completed and sent to the Local Authority.  Weekly attendance is reported to the Local Authority Safer Recruitment  All Safer Recruitment procedures remain in place.  At this time school has decided that recruitment is not necessary Mental Health “Teachers should be aware of the impact current circumstances can have on the mental health of those pupils (and their parents) who are continuing to work from home, including when setting expectations of children’s work”.  Ms Anthony, Mrs Campbell and Ms Lynne have been supporting vulnerable children, parents and staff by telephone, email and socially distanced visits.  Teachers ‘check in’ with children and parents at least weekly and pass on any concerns to the Inclusion Team (Ms Anthony, Mrs Campbell and Ms Lynne). Online Safety “Schools must do all they ‘reasonably’ can to keep children safe online, at home”  Ms Mehta has been monitoring all online platforms.   E-Safety information, reminders and updates are posted on the school website.    
    Take Care and keep safe, Mrs Campbell