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    Year 6 at the Imperial War Museum

    On Tuesday 10th March, Year 6 visited the Imperial War Museum in London as part of their history topic on the Second World War.

    It was an amazing trip for the pupils.  They had the opportunity to look at the exhibits from WW1 and WW2; experience what it was like to be in a trench; and also created documentaries. Briefed by Reena, a filmmaker for SMASH TV, pupils were given smart-cameras and tasked with making mini documentaries on the people and objects in the gallery that they felt the world needed to know about. Through this digitally–led experience, pupils developed historical inquiry skills to question, consider, debate and evaluate primary sources, whilst also gaining a deeper understanding about the impact of war and conflict on people’s lives in the past, and its relevance in society today. It was an experience that was as compelling and thought-provoking as it was unforgettable.  Thank you to the Year 6 team for arranging such a wonderful trip for our pupils.