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    Road Safety

    Now that schools are open again it helps to go over some rules with your child about staying safe when travelling to and from school alone.

    • Remind your child to go straight to school and straight home - no stopping to chat with friends playing in the park or visiting shops on the way.
    • Ask them about how their journey went - talk about any concerns or worries they may have.
    • Talk to them about road safety. They should always look both ways before crossing the road, and never be on their phone whilst crossing a road.
    • Explain how important it is to keep alert, keep walking and not to be distracted by other people in the street.
    • Remind them not to use their phone whilst walking and to keep their phone safely out of sight.
    • Remind them never to engage in conversation or accept a lift from someone they do not know.
    • Make sure they know their address and your telephone number by heart, in case they get lost or have to navigate home from somewhere new.
    • If they have a mobile phone, remind them to fully charge it before leaving the house, and make sure they have all your contact numbers saved.
    • Remind them that if they feel unsafe or uncomfortable at any time, they can call you or a trusted adult.
    • If they ever feel like they’re in immediate danger, they should call the police straight away on 999.

    Police will be carrying out extra patrols at the times when children are travelling to and from school