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    Back to School Expectations for Year 6

    We are excited to welcome the Year 6 pupils back to Chalkhill Primary School. The school has carried out a detailed risk assessment and is following guidelines from the government. These guidelines may change and parents need to check their emails and the school website for up-to-date information. On return to school your child will be assigned a ‘bubble’. A bubble will contain the same teacher and group of up to 7 children every day. The teacher will not be your child’s class teacher. Children will remain in this ‘bubble’ throughout the school day. Strict social distancing rules will be in place where possible. If a child does not follow the behaviour expectations, parents will be informed immediately and the child may need to be sent home. Parents will not be allowed to enter school premises, unless the school has contacted them to come and collect their child. There will be no school on Fridays for Y6 pupils, in order to carry out a deep clean of the premises. Pupils will be expected to attend every day and to be punctual according to their start time. If a child misses a day they will not be able to attend for the rest of the week.