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    Child Safety Week

    Child Safety Week is an annual community education campaign run by the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT).

    In response to COVID-19, we’re changing what we do this year, to meet the changing needs of families and the frontline staff who support them:

    • We’ve adapted the Child Safety Week Parents’ Pack, so it helps parents take on child safety and win, even when they’re feeling under pressure.
    • We’ve created new content that practitioners can use right now in their digital communications, however they’re reaching out to families. This includes our top tips for child safety during lockdown and beyond, plus advice on preventing burns and poisoning.
    • We’re reworking the Child Safety Week Action Pack as a year-round resource, so practitioners can use it in face-to-face work with families as lockdown eases.

    During Child Safety Week itself, our emphasis will be on social media, to reach as many families as possible.

    We’ll be adding to our safety advice, so do stay in touch by liking or following our Facebook page. And, if you work with families, sign up to our email alerts.

    Top tips for lockdown safety

    With the pressures on the NHS, many parents are worried about a trip to A&E with their child. 

    The fact that our homes are accident hotspots for younger children is scary prospect at the best of times. And sadly less traffic doesn’t mean we can completely switch off about road safety.

    Here we share our top tips to keep children safe from serious accidents. Please read them and pass them on to as many families as possible.

    Downloadable resources

    The links below give you content to share with families no matter what method you are using to do that.  We also give you a short article to share with colleagues or members.

    If you have any problems or need any help please email:

     Word doc  Top tips for parents long (450 words)   download   
     Word doc  Top tips for parents short (145 words) download
     Word doc  Article for professionals (150 words) download
     Social media: hot drinks

    Copy this text:

    Your hot drink can scald a baby 15 minutes after it has been made. Look for safe zones in your house where you know your child can’t reach your hot drink. #childsafetyweek #SafetyMakesSense

    download image
    Social media: poisoning

    Copy this text:

    Bright bottles of cleaning liquid, squidgy washing tablets, shiny packets of painkillers ... small children are curious and want to learn more by putting things in their mouth. Put products away out of reach as soon as you’ve used them. #childsafetyweek #SafetyMakesSense

     download image
    Social media: road safety

    Copy this text:

    Speed is everything when it comes to a child’s chances of survival. Keep an eye on your speed. Keep your phone in the glove compartment so it can’t distract you. #childsafetyweek #SafetyMakesSense

     download image      
     Fact sheet Burns   download   
     Fact sheet Poisons   download
     Fact sheet Roads   download