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Parents' Workshops for EY

List of Parent Workshops/ Stay and Play sessions in the Early Years 2017/18


Parent ‘Expectations and Outdoor Learning Workshop’ for Nursery and Reception Parents

28/09/2017                   Morning Nursery (Nam) and Reception A (RA) 09.00-10.00am

                                     Afternoon Nursery (Npm) and Reception G (RG) 14.00-15.00pm    

 Diwali Parties

18/10/2017                 Nam  from 10.45am                 Npm from 14.30pm                          

Stay and Play – Reading with a Diwali focus 

18/10/2017                RA and RG 09.00-10.00am              

Song and Rhyme time 

08/11/2017              Nam from 08.50am                  Npm from 12.35pm                                                         

Workshop followed by Stay and Play – Phonics and Bug Club

08/11/2017              RA and RG 09.00 - 09.30am                         

Song and Rhyme time

22/11/2017             Nam from 08.50am                  Npm from 12.35pm                              

Song and Rhyme time 

06/12/2017             Nam from 08.50am                  Npm from 12.35pm                          

Christmas Lights – THE BIG SWITCH ON

(of our Christmas lights in the playground)

08/12/2017             All of Early Years (Nam, Npm, RA, RG)     from 04.30pm (16.30)                            

Winter Fair 

01/12/2017            Whole school – from 03.00pm (15.00)                          

19/12/2017           TERM ENDS