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At Chalkhill School all children in Key Stage 2 learn Spanish with Mrs Mallek. They currently receive 45 minutes of Spanish lessons per week. The rest of the school enjoy workshops and activites in Spanish throughout the year, including a trip to Spain available for Years 5 and 6 pupils and a themed week in which the whole school takes part.


Pupils in year 6 have taken part in a ninternational project with a school in Madrid. The project is: "A day in the life".

 This project invites students to do a presentation of their typical day including aspects such as school, commute, and friends. They were also given the opportunity to explore typical days from students in another country and examine any similarities and differences.



Spanish News/ las Noticias

This year 15 ppupils travelled to Marcilla, Spain on the 15th May 2016.

On Sunday 15th May we left school at 9.00am and arrived at our hotel in Spain at 21.00. It was a long journey and when we arrived the children were very excited! On our way to the hotel we stopped at Marcilla and met some of our penpals.

The next day we visited the Halconera de Sancho, the school farm in Funes. What a great day! The pupils and staff took part in different workshops all in Spanish.  After that we went to Marcilla and met our penpals again at the park.

On Tuesday we spent the day at the school. We took part in lots of activities and had lunch with them. We also visited the Castillo de Marcilla and met the new mayor.

On Wednesday we visited the city of Pamplona in the morning. It was lovely, the pupils and staff tried “Mosto” a typical Spanish drink with “Rabas”, yummy!! We then went back to Marcilla for lunch at the Sala Week end with the penpals. 14 Spanish pupils joined us it was a lovely experience.  We then walked to the lake and finally the Disco! It was so much fun!

On Thursday we went to Senda Viva park, there the pupils went on all the ride,  attended a bird of prey show and a workshop in Spanish during which they were told about how and what to feed the different animals, they also had to clean up after. It was a really good day, most of our children say the best day of the week.

On Friday morning we went to say goodbye to our Spanish friends at the school. They performed some dances for us, even some Irish dance! It was great. We also performed our wake up shake up in front of the school and ended having a mini disco on the playground. It was a really nice way to finish the week. We arrived at school at 03.00am. We were all exhausted!

 This is what the pupils had to say about this amazing trip. 

My name is Isa, I am in 6F. I am one of the children that went to Spain and I am going to talk about it. At nine o clock we had to meet Miss Mallek at the sport hall. When everyone was at the hall the teachers were checking our bags and put our school logo on it. Then minutes later the cab was coming and our school bus as well. When we got in the school bus we had really bad news, it was going to take one hour to get to the airport. My favourite part in Spain was when we went to the school and when we went to Senda Viva it was the best days of my life.  Muchas gracias miss Mallek, Ms To, Ms Trenchfield and Mr Ricardo for everything.

My name is Kathey and I am in 5T. My favourite day was when we went to the farm because we got to see loads of animals and play fun activities with Oscar, Mohammed and Sofia. We also got to make “roscos” and paella which was delicious. Thank you Miss Mallek, Miss Trenchfield and Mr Ricardo for taking us to Spain. It was, ¡Fantástico!

My name is Glen and I am in 5M. My favourite part in Spain was when we went to the theme Park, “Senda Viva”. What I liked the most was the water slide and Bobsleigh. Some people can’t go on the Bobsleigh and went  GO-KARTING because of their height. I had fun in Spain it was ¡Excelente! Gracias Ms Mallek, Ms To, Ms Trenchfield and Mr Ricardo!!!!!


SPANISH AT CHALKHILL! We are very proud to announce that our school was asked  by The Network For languages, London School For Excellence Fund to participate in a case study on teaching languages. We were selected as we have a whole school approach to teaching Spanish. Mrs Mallek arranged for staff to attend a six week Spanish up-skilling course and fostered the embedment of Spanish in PE and Music.  The video can be viewed from:


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